Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hawaiian Hairless Rubber Cat

The 'Kohona' aka 'Hawiian Hairless', 'Rubber Cat'.

You've NEVER heard of a Kohana???

Well, its not surprising, most people haven't.

What IS a Kohana? The Kohana is the result of a mutation
originating in Hawaii and is the ONLY true hairless breed of
cat. It's true! Kohana's have no fuzz whatsoever... no hair
follicles... Where a Sphynx feels like a warm peach, a
Kohana feels more like a warm candle. To date, there are
only 18 of these cats in existence, but they've stirred up a
huge interest for such a small number.

Twice the charm of a Sphynx?? Or
twice as ugly.... You be the judge.