Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Joke: Short Animal Jokes - Cats, Part 4

What is a French cat's favorite dessert?
Chocolate mousse

What is the cat's favorite magazine?
Good Mousekeeping.

What is the difference between a cat and a comma?
One means pause at the end of a clause, and the other means claws at the end of paws

What kind of cat will keep your grass short?
A Lawn Meower.

What kind of cats like to go bowling?
Alley cats.

What's happening when you hear "woof...splat...meow...splat?"
It's raining cats and dogs.

Where does a cat go when it loses its tail?
The retail store.

Why did the cat join the Red Cross ?
Because she wanted to be a first-aid kit.

Why did the judge dismiss the entire jury made up of cats?
Because each of them was guilty of purrjury.

Why don't cats play poker in the jungle?
Too many cheetahs.

Why happened when the cat swallowed a coin?
There was some money in the kitty.

Why was the cat so small?
Because it only ate condensed milk.

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