Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Joke: Short Animal Jokes - Dogs, Part 10

Why did the dog wear a watch?
He wanted to be a watch dog.

Why did the hungry mutt chase birds?
He wanted a doggie tweet.

Why did the little boy name his dog Computer?
Because it came with lots of bytes.

Why did the man put his dog on a locomotive?
He wanted to train him.

Why did the pooch go to sleep early?
He was dog-tired.

Why did the snowman call his dog Frost?
Because frost bites.

Why did the watchdog keep turning in circles?
He was winding himself up!

Why didn't the dog speak to his foot?
Because it's not polite to talk back to your paw!

Why do dogs turn around three times before lying down?
One good turn deserves another.

Why do firefighters need Dalmatians?
To help them find the fire hydrants.

Why does a dog scratch himself?
Because no one else knows where it itches.

Why don't blind people skydive?
It scares the dog.

Why should you walk carefully when its raining cats and dogs?
You might step in a poodle.

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