Thursday, June 14, 2007

Joke: Short Animal Jokes - Dogs, Part 7

Which dog is fun to play with?
The Toy poodle.

Which dog is really dumb?
The Airhead terrier.

Which dog is very scary?
A boo terrier.

Which dog smells the best?
The Scent Bernard.

Which dog tastes better when eaten?
A hot dog.

Which dog wears a badge and carries handcuffs?
A police dog.

Which dog weighs the most?
The heavyweight boxer.

Which dog works in a restaurant?
The Irish table setter.

Which foods definitely don't mix?
A hot dog and catsup.

Which part of trees do dogs like best?
The bark.

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Graham said...

Hi Funny Pets, I have just come across your site, and think it is very good/funny. I have my own blogsite I was wondering if I can link to you from my website, and maybe you would do the same for mine.