Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cats in Hats for Christmas

Little known fact about cats: They love Christmas!
But what they love more than anything is to get into the spirit of the season and wear their Christmas hats.

Just look:

from flickr, by mo ba ca na

from flickr, by Buntekuh

from flickr, by tonguetiedandtwisted

from flickr, by laMiky

from flickr, by LoveCats2006

from flickr, by Buntekuh

from flickr, by susurrus_sparks

from flickr, by LoveCats2006

from flickr, by Jaedde

from flickr, by Bummz&Tubz

from flickr, by susurrus_sparks

from flickr, by Bonnie & Victor Cats

from Mélange

from flickr, by kerob

from flickr, by tajheart

from conscious living journal

from deviantArt

from flickr, by Allen

from flickr, by mo ba ca na

from flickr, by lynnieb
Now hold on just a minute - Toto, you don't belong here, do you?

We wish you all
"A furry merry Christmas & Happy mew year!"

Be sure to visit the Friday Ark!


Bonnie Underfoot said...

Fank you fur includin me on your blog! I will link to you and mention your blog in my next post.
Flikr: Bonnie & Victor Cats

FUNNY PETS said...

Duh, I didn't even look to see that you had a blog - and so many linked sites - I'll be exploring here for hours & hours.

Merry Christmas!

Rico Loco said...

Upon close examination I have determined that these felines are NOT enjoying Christmas.

The d*g on the other paw, seems to enjoy such humiliation, which even further proves my postion on this subject.

Now, I must explain this to my captor who is laughing her a$$ off and looking around for a tiny Santa hat.

Thanks a lot.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Warning: You have entered the Cat Blogosphere. Resistance is futile. There's an even longer list of links at the Cat Blogsphere. We are furry organized about this. Enjoy!

Ostara said...

LOL! Some of these cats look almost as grumpy as Sam does in his Santa hat. (

Thanks for the chuckles, Funny Pets!

Justin said...

Wow they are looking so lovely in these hats!! santa cats in town!!

And hey, check out my post on
funny pets. Its nice too..

merry xmas!!

junebee said...

Those are great!

raincoaster said...

That grey looks about ready to claw out Santa's eyeball. Don't let him get too close to the baby Jesus in the Nativity scene either, just to be safe!

rayter said...

Those are sooo sute!!!


A bunch of crazy chickens said...

they look happy...cute!!

hey check out these hilarious holiday video cards!!

i was laughing so hard at the holiday on broadway one!!

rob said...

Have you ever received a pet for Christmas? Here is a the poll:

CatsLoveHats said...

These are brilliant, for more cats wearing hats check out my website:
Cats Love Hats

Anonymous said...

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Ema said...

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