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Three Snoozers

from flickr, by CathieV

Joke: Short Animal Jokes - Cows, Part 2

What do you call cattle with a sense of humor?
Laughing stock.

What do you call Eskimo cows?

What do you get from a cow on the North Pole?
Cold cream.

What do you get from a cow with a split personality?
Half and half.

What do you get from a forgetful cow?
Milk of amnesia.
What do you get from a short-legged cow?
Dragon milk.
What do you get from an invisible cow?
Evaporated milk.
What do you get from pampered cows?
Spoiled milk.

What do you get if you cross a steer and a chicken?
Roost beef.

What do you get when you cross a rooster and a cow?

What do you get when you have a cow and a duck?
Milk and quackers.

What goes "moof"?
A cow with buck teeth.

What has four legs and goes, "Oom! Oom!"?
A cow walking backwards.

What is a cow's favorite thing to do?
Watch a moo-vie.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm a TV star!

from flickr, by cloudzilla

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Gardener's Assistant


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The growth of a parrot

A photo series from Chicken Crap

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Just chillin'

from flickr, by Ottawa refugee

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Puppy chow time


Joke: Short Animal Jokes - Cows, Part 1

How do you count cows?
With a cowculator.

How do you get a cow from one place to another?
With a mooooooving van.

What city do cows love most in the USA?
MOO York City.

What do you call a calf after it's six months old?
Seven months old.

What do you call a cow that doesn’t give milk?
A milk dud.

What do you call a cow that doesn't give milk?
An udder failure.

What do you call a cow that fell in a hole?
A hole-y Cow.

What do you call a cow that's just had a baby?

What do you call a cow who works for a gardener?
A lawn moo-er.

What do you call a cow with no legs?
Ground Beef.
What do you call a cow with two legs?
Lean Beef.

What do you call a sleeping bull
A bull-dozer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Hippy Hippy Shake

I can't sit still
With the Hippy Hippy Shake
Yeah I get my fill now
With the Hippy Shake
Yeah its in the bag
The Hippy Hippy Shake

Well now you shake it to the left
Shake it to the right
Do the Hippy Shake Shake
With all of your might oh baby

from flickr, by TriPoodle

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Little Dipper

little dipper, originally uploaded by kris ten.


Litter Kwitter

Doogie's LITTER KWITTER, the original world famous cat toilet training system. You can teach your cat to use the toilet in 3-easy steps and say goodbye to the mess, germs, smells & hassle of the litter tray... forever!

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Let's play catch!

Read more about Huey the Australian Shepherd at Our Furry Family

Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun ...

Funny squirrel photo collection ...

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Hey! Come back here!

from flickr, by andrea z

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Stayin' Cool

(Photo: AFP/Parthajit Datta)

Joke: Dead Cat

A nursery school pupil told his teacher he’d found a cat, but it was dead.

“How do you know that the cat was dead?” she asked her pupil.

“Because I pissed in its ear and it didn’t move,” answered the child innocently.

“You did WHAT?” the teacher exclaimed in surprise.

“You know,” explained the boy, “I leaned over and went ‘Pssst’ and it didn’t move”

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Let us out!

from flickr, by birdtoes

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tug o war

from flickr, by antonious

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A Handful

Found here

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Guinness World Record Dog

Gibson (R), a Great Dane who is the world's tallest dog at 7'2" (2.18 metres) according to the Guinness World Records, stands with his friend Zoie, a 7.5" (19.05cm) Chihuahua.

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Deanne Fitzmaurice/)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Poppy the St Bernard has 13 pups

A spokesman for the Kennel Club described the litter as "big", saying the average number of puppies was between five and ten. However in exceptional cases it can be up to 20.

I'm Shocked!


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Feed me, please!


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Joke: Short Animal Jokes - Dogs, Part 5

What kind of dog does a vampire prefer ?
Any kind of bloodhound.

What kind of dog floats in the air?
An Airedale.
What do you get if an Airedale floats too close to the sun?
A hot dog.

What kind of dog goes patooey! patooey?
A spit bull.

What kind of dog is always confused?
A mixed-up breed.

What kind of dog is good with tools?
A wrench poodle.

What kind of dog sniffs out new flowers?
A bud hound!

What kind of dog washes clothes?
A laundromutt!

What kind of parents did the mixed-breed dog have?
He had a father and a mutter.

What kind of pooch holds a carpet in place?
A tack dog.

What kind of pooch picks on puppies?
A bullydog.

Mine, all mine!

"I will hug you tight and rock around a little. I never had a stuffed animal for my very own before. You are so much fun. Of course I will have to guard this kitty closely or one of the other cats will sneak in and steal it from me. I don't like that! I could go to sleep with this little soft toy in my paws....."

Read the whole story at Melange

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Christian, the lion who lived in a London living room

He travelled by Bentley, ate in fine London restaurants and spent his days lounging in a furniture shop. The story of Christian the pet lion - and his eventual release into the wild - is as moving as it is incredible.

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anti botox brigade

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That awful "after bath" feeling!

from flickr, by Nyx

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Printer Jam?

from flickr, by photofarmer

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Photo by glandry113

Photography by Mark Tucker

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Joke: The blonde's dogs

A girl was visiting her blonde friend, who had acquired two new dogs, and asked her what their names were.

The blonde responded by saying that one was named Rolex and one was named Timex.

Her friend said, "Whoever heard of someone naming dogs like that?

"HELLLOOOOOOO..." answered the blonde. "They're watch dogs!"


I has a teddy!


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Take the picture, please!

from flickr, by veraecho